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Fulford (India) Limited- clarification on spurt in the share peice of the company
  17 June 2014
  The company has received a letter from the acquirer stating that it follows stringent financial
discipline in its acquisitions and does not intend to make acquisitions
that do not satisfy its financial expectations. The company has further added that
delisting offer will be successful only if: (i) the Acquirer’s
shareholding crosses 90% of the total shares outstanding of the Company
and (ii) the discovered price / exit price for doing so is acceptable to
the Acquirer.
Should the delisting offer not be successful,
the Acquirer may consider other strategic alternatives in relation to
its ownership of shares in the Company. This letter from the Acquirer is with reference to the spurt in the share price of Fulford (India) Ltd. after the
announcement of the proposed delisting of the Company’s shares was made
in the public domain, is not, in the view of Dashtag reflective of the
business fundamentals of the Company.
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